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Official Form for 2023-2024

All information entered is strictly confidential and maintained by the University of California, Riverside.

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Grower Lot Information Form Help

Enter grower lot information in the fields below. For every new submission, remember to use a unique number.

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Re-submission after a previous positive

GPS / Map Information Form Help

Please enter unique GPS coordinates for the orchard in the field below. If you cannot acquire proper coordinates, please attach a map with your sample. Please remember to use unique GPS coordinates for every new lot number.

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Packinghouse Information

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Prior to leaving the field, verify that the NAVEK sample is free of all stems and leaves.
(This allows the NAVEK program to meet quarantine regulations concerning the movement of fruit within and between counties.)
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Personal Information

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(All samples should be collected by trained personnel)



¤Navel sampling procedure: Fruit should have symptoms of Categories I-IV*. Evaluate 50 fruit per tree on 20 or more different trees in the grower block. Through Feb. 7: Normal sample - Collect 20 fruit with symptoms (Category I-IV)*. This is at least 1 fruit/tree (Total fruit 20); After Feb. 7: Normal sample - Collect 30 fruit with symptoms (Category I-IV)*. This is approximately 1 and 2 fruit with symptoms per even and odd numbered trees, respectively (Total fruit 30).

¤¤Valencia sampling procedure: same as above except 10 fruit will be submitted from each grower lot. Fruit need to be delivered within one day of collection to the following address:

California NAVEK Project
Kearney Ag Center
9240 S. Riverbend Ave.
Parlier, CA 93648

* – For a color guide on fruit symptoms or for a copy of the Septoria Spot GAPs, see: CCQC at (Alerts and Advisories).
** – Packinghouses in Riverside and San Bernardino Co. may make arrangements for the evaluation of fruit samples with the Plant Pathology laboratory of Dr. J. E. Adaskaveg at UC Riverside.